Early Beginnings

I went to see a drag race at our local Drag Strip and saw my first dragster go down the strip.
I knew then I had to have one. I brought a used 92" chassis and found a partner who had an
injected Hemi engine. The first run down the track was like stepping into a whole new world
even though it was only 130mph which is slow by modern by modern standards. This is what
the car looked like with a blown lincoln 430 engine that went 1765mph in 1962.


Got Converted

This shows the same 92” wheel base Chassis with a blown Hemi-engine and a ‘48
Fiat Compitiion Coup body.

Late 1962

Canopy Car

J.D. got the opportunity to drive the famous “Canopy Car” built by Romeo Palamides that won the most beautiful dragster title at the Oakland Roadster show. The award was for the car A new owner purchased it from Palamides.


Top Fuel Car

JD started driving a number of Top Fuel dragsters which competed all over Clifornia
They reached 180mph. All this while waiting for my associate Jack Birdwell to finish
his Jet Dragster.


Worlds Fastest Dragster

J.D.was hired by Romeo Palamides to drive a series of his then famous “Untouchables” Jet Dragsters, which reached a top speed of 300mph at 5.01 ET. This was the Untouchable #4 which was owned by Jack Birdwell and leased back top Palimedes beacause the prevoius 3 cars were destroyed in crashes. This photo show JD in the cockpit while Romeo pictured, left side background readying to start the car for a run.


Seattle Washington

Show racing at Pacific Raceways in Seattle Washington in 1964. This included a match ace with the Top Fuel Dragter.